Radiocomm, the network components division of Acentury Inc., was launched in 2011. Since that time, we’ve grown our network of global sales partners. We’re committed to the success of our partner network. We deliver high quality products at competitive prices combined with excellent logistics and support. Radiocomm Partner Network – we win together!


Radiocomm Target Customers

Test Lab
  • Short sales cycle
  • Quick product verification and approval process
  • Low price sensitivity
  • Easier account entry point
  • Complimentary to Test & Measurement equipment sales
  • Mid range sales volume potential ($200-500k annual sales for mid size MNO)
Field Deployment
  • Longer sales cycles
  • Detailed product validation process
  • High price sensitivity
  • Stringent vendor qualification process
  • Strict vendor requirements negotiated by customer’s Supply Chain team
  • Very high-volume potential
  • High repeatability and high barrier to entry for competitors

Partner Benefits

For Your Customer
  • Unbeatable performance / price profile
  • Tier 1 mobile network operator references
  • Highly reliable products resulting in zero field returns to date
For You
  • Competitive distributor margins
  • Zero inventory for distributor, direct ship to customer on order
  • “Sell once” business with high customer retention and order repeatability

Our Partners

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Interested in Becoming a Partner?

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