• Extra-Low PIM (-161dBc) Heptaplexer

    Introducing the Heptaplexer customized for a European customer. Adding Band 40 and 42 to five existing bands with low-PIM and high power (350W) requirements.


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XP7-P404 Low PIM Heptaplexer 700/ 900/ 1800/ 2.1GHz/2.3GHz/2.6GHz/CBRS, 4310F
The addition of two bands, Band 40 and 42, was combined with the existing five bands. Low PIM (-161dBc) and high-power specs (350W) were also required.

CM3-P508 Radiocomm's Extra Low PIM Wideband Hybrid Combiner
New release of Radiocomm's Extra Low PIM Wideband Hybrid Combiner covers all sub-6GHz bands (520MHz – 6000MHz) for 3G/4G/5G Indoor and Outdoor system.

CM4-P516 Extra Low PIM 4:2 Narrow band Combiner
Introducing a narrow band 4:2 combiner with a 4.3-10 connector.

CP2-P508 Extra Low PIM 2:2 Hybrid Coupler, Wide Band, 4.3-10 Female
Ultra-wideband Hybrid Coupler covering 5G Band (520-6000MHz) with high isolation.


Cellular networks use a growing number of frequency bands over a wider range of carrier frequencies with higher order signal modulation. Passive intermodulation (PIM) is an increasingly difficult challenge in network deployments and finding a reliable 5G-ready component supplier is key to reducing OPEX costs.

Extra low-PIM (-165dBc) passive network components

Ultra-wide frequency coverage for 5G Sub-6GHz / CBRS / LAA

Compact, innovative public safety combiner solutions

Fast turnaround times for customized samples (~6 weeks)

Trusted by North American Tier 1 operators and integrators

Product customization services up to 60GHz
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