How We Supplied and Shipped 200km of Fiber for a Major Telco in Just 3 Weeks During the COVID Holiday Season

Acentury works hard to help our global partners and clients. Read on to see how we were able to help a major South American telecommunication service provider to expand and improve their broadband internet service by rolling out fiber to the homes (FTTH) in a large swath of the country.

Telecommunication service providers require supplier partners who can deliver an end-to-end customer experience. Procuring high quality products covers only one facet of their needs. Fast and reliable service with timely delivery of product samples and production volumes are just as important. Here are a few real-world examples of how we helped a major telecom provider in South America with their dynamic needs during the 2020 COVID year:

  • In mid-August 2020, we were asked for a sample of Acentury Radiocomm’s GJYXFCH Self-Supporting Bow-Type Drop Fiber Cable. We supplied and delivered a 500-meter fiber cable sample from the United States to South America in just 3 weeks total. As per the customer’s request, we shipped it in the regular-size drum so they could get a feel of how the fiber cable rolled out of the drum.
  • In mid-October 2020, we provided a competitively-priced quote for 700 km of the FTTH fiber cable and a 10-12 week lead time, which was incredibly fast compared to quotes from other fiber providers.
  • Late December 2020, while this order was being produced, the same customer sent a separate order for fiber cables to be delivered as soon as possible. Despite the COVID holiday season, we pushed for production in less than 3 weeks and shipped 200km of fiber cable via air.

The FTTH fiber cables were delivered in South America as promised. The FTTH fiber cables were used in the customer’s FTTH project, and they are very happy with the product quality.

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About Radiocomm

Acentury is a proven technology solutions provider in the wireless communications industry. For over ten years we have designed and deployed solutions, products, and services for Tier 1 carrier operators and internet-scale enterprises across the Americas. With our Radiocomm product brand, we feature industry-leading extra low PIM (-165dBc) components and cables for 5G wideband outdoor and in-building DAS applications. We have successfully deployed thousands of network components that meet the requirements and scale of several carrier-grade networks with zero field returns to date. Our fiber optic product portfolio is comprehensive and features highly durable properties for all applications and integrated solutions.

Radiocomm continues to maintain a reputation for superior performance with outstanding reliability and quality; we stand by our passive network components with a 1yr manufacturing warranty along with a test record printout for each component we ship.

Date: February 24, 2021