ABOUT Radiocomm

Radiocomm, the network components division of Acentury Inc., was launched in 2011 and developed a reputation for its superior technical performance, reliability, and customization services. We pride ourselves in creating a unique customer experience from product development to on-time product delivery. We help service providers, infrastructure equipment manufacturers, educational institutions, government agency departments, and system integrators meet their complex and dynamic requirements.

Radiocomm components cover a wider operating frequency spectrum and higher power applications. With the deployment of outdoor systems with high power (up to 80 W) and 4x4 MIMO, the -165 dBc extra low PIM becomes an essential requirement to solve complex interference issues.

The components cover the 4G spectrum of 600 MHz to 5G frequency bands. There are 350 MHz to 6 GHz support currently available for terminations, splitters, and tappers.


Our mission is to engineer, produce and supply the world's best network products to support global communication networks and wireless communications innovation. We strive hard to support our customers to meet their dynamic requirements and provide customized solutions with industry-leading performance and fast, turn-around lead times.

We stand by our quality products - we have no field returns despite deploying thousands of components across North America - with a one-year warranty period. We also include a manufacturing test report for each component delivered.